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VoIP Services

Go Global with KautelCo VoIP Calling Services!

We provide effective customized solutions for enterprises to make international calls for business development, quality assurance, or inter and intra-office communication.


Our Promise

1. User-Friendly: –  Provide uncomplicated installation and offer easily configurable processes based on the communication needs of your organization. With Kautelco, your setup of virtual phone service will be running smoothly with our 24/7 reliable customer support.

2. Greater Flexibility: –  Leverage your internet connectivity to connect calls seamlessly. You can even join/host telephone conferences, receive/send e-fax, chat or send text messages from anywhere at any time.

3. Multi-Functional: –

Offers premium features such as call attendants, voice termination, call recordings, call centre termination, call queues, and popular app integrations to operate your business. With business phone service plans, these features are frequently included.

4. Easy Portability:- Assures an accessible phone system irrespective of location. We eliminate the need for an expensive technical setup and enhance the remote working experience of employees. Many of our clients use business VoIP services to run their inbound and outbound call centres.

5. Better Productivity:-Separates personal and business communications at your convenience and helps you manage all your calls through mobile apps even when not in the office. We help you improve your efficiency.

6. Auto Attendant (Virtual Receptionist):-The automated receptionist capabilities allow your callers to receive personalised greetings and can be directed to different departments, individuals and extensions according to their choices.