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Inbound, Outbound & Blended

Complete Contact Center Solutions

KautelCo manages your contact centre with a complete range of call centre software features to ensure hassle-free customer engagement

Our Process

1. IVR:-  Taking phone support to a whole new level, we use flexible and highly customizable Interactive Voice Response (IVR) software for voice distribution.

2. Automatic Call Distributor (ACD):- We create a business unit strategy that maximizes the performance of a particular enterprise

3. Auto Dialer:- Our auto-dialer services automate the dialing process to power up your outbound customer interactions and improve the call centre agent’s productivity.

4. Blended Campaigns : – Apply the most suitable calling strategy to reach out to your customers through simultaneous inbound and outbound campaigns for improving agent utilization.

4. Click-to-Call:- To increase agent utilization, we use the best calling strategy to connect with your customers through simultaneous inbound and outbound campaigns.

4. Unified Agent Workbench:- The agents do not have to manually punch numbers. They can connect with customers in a single click and with local origination using KautelCo’s innovative call-centre software. To improve efficiency, our single window workbench helps call-centre agents reduce average handling time (AHT).