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VoIP & Business Telephony Solutions

Business Telephony

Whether you need a simple system with traditional desk-based handsets or an advanced VoIP based network communications platform, KautelCo has a telephone system to fit your business requirements.

Business Telephony Features

1. Auto Attendant:- Enables you to route callers to different parts of your business based on their needs, and services them quickly without the need to go via an operator.

2. Call Pickup:- Allows a user to pick up other users’ calls if they are part of the same pickup group. This can be established across offices where skill groups are located e.g. Sales

3. Call Routing:- Allows multiple inbound numbers directed and delivered to your business when you choose multiple offices or when it shows busy at the first location, our direct routing services automatically re-route to an alternate office.

4. Desktop App:- Enables a number of significant call centre features such as wallboard facilities, call monitoring, CTI Integration, and Screen Pop.

5. Statistics:- Permits users to analyze the call information based on month, day, or even an hour via a special feature of web client and wallboard.

6. Full Integration:- Integrate your CRM, ERP, and Accounting System with your phone system and launch calls with a single click. Inbound calls are automatically linked to the customer record which pops up on the screen and all your calls are logged in the CRM package.

7. Take your extension anywhere:- Clients for iOS and Android smartphones and Mac and Windows allow users to use their office extension from anywhere, seamlessly integrated as if they were in the office.

8. Powerful switchboard functionality:- A fully customizable switchboard allows users to view and manage calls. It can be tailored to any job role, with a variety of options to choose from. For simple call management, call centers should use drag-and-drop calls for transfer, wallboard, and Q-Manager views.