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Phone Numbers Solutions

What is a Virtual Number?

A Virtual Number is a cloud-based number used to route incoming customer calls to the preferred agent, as per the customer’s needs. Businesses can increase their market reach by using virtual business numbers, both domestically and internationally.

Why Your Business Needs it

Enterprises of all sizes can use our VoIP phone system that comes with a DID number. You can choose a DID Line that best fits your business needs and goals through the various editions and packages we provide. In addition, we even customize a plan that suits your business requirements at wholesale DIDs prices.

1. Higher Conversion Rate:- Track every incoming and outgoing call that could represent a business opportunity to increase conversion.

2. Identify Quality Leads:- To cut down on churn and offer more efficient customer engagement, we simply classify and nurture all quality leads. A virtual number solution allows you to mask the numbers of both the agent and the customer.

3. Be Omnipresent:- All customer calls can be forwarded to agents’ mobile and landline numbers, allowing them to handle business calls from any location.

4. Number Masking:- With a number masking solution, Distinct VoIP DID Number guarantees customer privacy and prevents lead leakage while a live call is in progress.

5. Optimize Operational Efficiency:- Never miss a lead by routing customer calls from toll-free numbers to the appropriate agents based on availability, caller history, and location.

6. Real-time Data Insights:- Get actionable data insights on call performance from call masking service, including call logs, to improve customer engagement and gauge agents’ performance.